Welcome to Locket

The Who:

If you’re a parent or about to become one – then Locket is for you. Envisioned and designed by parents, Locket’s core technology helps make your life easier, by solving the how and what of preserving childhood memories and offering peace of mind.

The Why:

As parents, we pride ourselves in trying to capture and remember as much as we can. And while often successful at first, it becomes more and more challenging as the other demands of being a parent take precedence.

The What:

Capture, share, catalogue and preserve the big and small snip-its of your child’s adventures.  Locket's unique technology prompts you to record those moments, and then it automatically creates rich, shareable content like video montages, e-timelines and photobooks.



Our question prompting technology unlocks the simplicity behind our framework. It’s the guts of what makes our App unique as it drives the auto curation of rich, shareable content like video montages, e-timelines and photobooks.


The full spirit of a child is not captured with just pictures. That’s why we’ve included audio, video, photo and a little thing called “Snips” for you to capture your child’s life in the full 360° glory that it deserves.


Keep your friends and family in the loop with your personalized e-timeline. Customized to your child, your e-timeline can only be accessed through private links and is automatically updated when new content is added. It’s the modern baby book.


“Snips” are the little things that we as parents, just don’t have room in our brains to remember. What their room looked like, what they sounded like when they first started to read, what their first concert was. We think that they are just as important as all those big “first” moments.


Our basic service is available for everyone, at no cost. We vow to guard your memories with safekeeping. For those of you who want to enhance not only preserving your memories, but the making of them as well, you should try our Premium or Premium Plus plans. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time.

Basic free

  • QuseTM enabled technology
  • Auto curated content
  • Pre-populated photobooks
  • One-click purchase
  • Shareable e-timeline

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  • All Basic Features
  • 10% member discount
  • Auto video montages
  • More picture storage
  • Longer videos

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Premium Plus

  • All Premium Features
  • Monthly photo-worthy toy or activity

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"I look back at the timeline and notice how fast they grow up and change, being a parent is so rewarding!" - Laura, Real Momma


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